May 24, 2014

About Time

I'm a total Shipper.
For those of you not in the know- (Amanda) a "Shipper" is a fan description for someone who wants the main characters (or other characters) in a show or movie to get together (relationSHIP) and a noromo is short for NoRomance or people who do not support those relationships. There are also Fencers (you can guess what that is, if not there is Urban Dictionary) but as the first sentence would suggest I am a TOTAL Shipper.

My favourite Shipper moment in the past year or so was this one from Battlestar Galictica:
It's a Father and son conversation, but it's all about Laura Roslin while also being all about the complicated relationship between these powerful men. If you haven't seen it, a Raptor is a type of plane (technically spaceship, but think Cessna with guns).

Adama: I'm just getting in a plane.
Apollo: Waiting alone in a raptor while the rest of the fleet jumps away isn't just "getting in a plane." It sounds a lot like ... well that sounds a lot like suicide Dad.

Apollo: Why are you doing this?
Adama: Because I can't live without her. And Laura is going to get to the rendezvous point. 
I have to believe that.

Because I can't live without her.
I'll spare you, reader, but Laura goes through a huge personal transformation while she is ... not technically but kind of completely kidnapped. If you recall from several moments ago, the Fleet has jumped away with Adama remaining behind Roslin makes it back to the Fleet in the next episode, but Adama gets to her first. 
The incoming hug is about 15 seconds long and 5 minutes too short.
I love you.

About Time.
That smirk! It's About Time. I absolutely love his reaction. Like he didn't already know that she loved him. He was just waiting for her to come to terms with it. Why else would he spend all of his time with her? Why would he sit by her bedside reading his favourite book? One he had never actually finished, but prepared to do so for her. Why would he spend his life dedicated to her, with respect to and for her if not for love? How long would he sit and wait for her to discover the meaning of Love and Life? Forever probably. Until her death. We know that much. We know that she loves him. That he loves her. Which is why we can all completely sympathize with Adama here.
How long has he waited to hear those words? those simple words spoken in Gods' honest truth. 
I love you. 

It really is About Time.

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