From the Mouths of Babes

Some quotes from my days at Camp.

July 2013

The kids, Emma (3) and Noah (2) were throwing sticks and rocks and leaves in the trash. We let them do it for a little bit because they seemed to enjoy it, but when it was time to leave, we had to convince them to stop.
"Stop it! Don't throw Nature away." -Nanny Maggie

"If you had a boyfriend who would it be?" -Me
"Um, Santa." -Emma, 3
Nanny Rachel thought she would say Noah, I thought she would say Oliver, but Santa works too!

"Hey Emma, Cardinals are number one!" -Nanny Rachel
"No. Let's go Phillies!" -Emma
Rachel tried so hard, but the Phillies Phan in her prevailed!

"It was more like a texting relationship. And it lasted like two weeks!" -Overheard Owego camper

"It's too late, I'm sleeping!" -Me
Olive's reaction? Licking my nose. I'm up now!

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