January 12, 2011

Oh God The Snow

Ohmygoodnessthissnowisinsane. There's a TON of it. The roads around here are clear. Well, "clear." There's about 7 inches we got last night, and about 6.5 of it is still on the streets. But you know, compacted into an icy hell. At least it's hilly. 

Chillin got a snow day so we played in the snow! And made snow angels and a snowman but not really, (the snow was too cold for a legit snowman, this is the best I could do. [If I've done this right there should be a picture of a really sad snowman here]

And playing in the Snow!!

And our lovely snow angel.

My California family makes me realize something about Philadelphians, and well, Pennsylvanians in general. We don't turn the heat on. Ever. You're cold? Wear a sweater. This family likes it HOT. I would normally be wearing tights under my jeans in this weather and be perfectly fine (it's only 24 degrees and- I heard it's supposed to go up to 26. Toasty.) If I wore tights today I'd sweat through them in 10 minutes. In most houses I sit in I make sure I bring a sweater, but here, I make sure I have a cami on under my sweater. Yay not being from Philly! #thingsthatmakephilly

January 11, 2011

Wait, you mean that's a MORNING time?!?

Oh my Gosh. I really didn't think I would ever have to wake up this early for anything in my life. I had to be at their house at 6:15 this morning (morning!) that means I had to leave Dolly's at 5:20 and wake up at 4:15. Kill me, kill me now. It's supposed to snow tonight. Nothing says "Awesome Day!" like driving an hour in the snow. So... I'll spend the night at Natalia's or Mercy's. I just need a shower, some clean clothes, a cold beer and my Brookie. 

January 7, 2011

Adult-like and Professional

End of my first week, kind of. I mean, it's been three days. I feel all adult-like and professional. I officially have gainful employment, check that off the list… and now to move out of my mother's house. 

January 5, 2011

First Day of my New Job!

I started my new Nanny job today. My charges: Bethany and Nora. Bethany is almost 3, she goes to school for three hours each day, I will be driving her there and back then spend the afternoon with her. Nora is about 4 months old, I'll be spending most of my day with her. I'll be spending my whole day with her. I started late today because Nora had a Dr. appointment, but got to know the routine a bit and meet the chillins. Spending the night at Natalia's because I start at 6:30 tomorrow, we're going to McMenamins! Yay I'm excited to start tomorrow!