February 28, 2010

Farewell, February.

It's been an eventful month, let's review, shall we?

2nd: I didn't get to make it to Punxsutawney this year but I watched it on the news, and darn if that Phil wasn't dead on with his prediction of six more weeks of winter. I made up for my absence in Punxsey by watching Groundhog Day three times, and once with commentary. (Punxsa-SHIPPENSBURG!)

11th: Thought Jenn was gonna have the baby today, Brianna didn't feel like it. WAY too cold I guess. This was my Aunt Nancy's birthday. She would have been 44.

14th: My Mommy's birthday!! She turned [deleted due to paradoxical age gap]. Also, Valentine's Day! I normally dislike V Day, but I saw the monologues and renewed my Feminist flame.


19th: Went mall-walking with Grandparents, mom, and Jenn to try and walk the baby out. Found out more about my grandparent's sex life than I ever, EVER needed to know.

23rd: Jennifer Finally had the baby!! 5 days late, but she's here now! The 23rd was actually Aunt Nancy's due date, she was early, but her granddaughter was late to the party.

28th: Brandon starts his week stay on our couch. he didn't bring a change of clothes, pajamas, a toothbrush, pillow, or anything actually. This should be interesting.

Well, there you have it. Goodbye February, it was fun while it lasted. We got record snowfall for the month, I watched a record amount of West Wing, and I got me a niece. Can not wait for Spring!!! Vernal Equinox, bring it on!

February 23, 2010

Jenn's Baby

So, Jennifer went into labor again last night (this time it's real). It's been four false alarms but now this seems to be it. They went to the hospital at 6:30pm and her labor had started a bit before that. It's now 6pm the next day and they've decided to give her a c-section. After 24 hours she was still only 6 centimeters dilated, and that was after the balloon-thing that they put up her vag to help with the dilation. They also had to break her water. Damn that kid really does not want to come out. We think it's because she knows it's cold out.

Jenn's really upset about that because she wanted a vaginal birth, but oh well. The important thing is getting Brianna out safely. Einstein hospital only allows 2 people in the delivery room, so it's Dolly and Mike (the dad) and Dolly was really emotional  when I talked to her. I hope she's not making it harder for J!

I'll be doing blog-updates throughout the night so I guess we'll see how it goes!


I have a niece! Finally! Brianna Naomi Curcio, 7:14pm, Feb 23, 2010. 7lb 12oz, 19 inches! Mazel Tov Jennifer and Michael!

Yeah, I'm Still in College.

Well, I figured I should do some updates about School, seeing as how we're 5 weeks into the semester already. I have three classes, African American Politics (with the Rev. Dr. Ronnie B. Tucker), 300 Advanced American Government and Public policy (boo it sucks), and um... Oh yeah, macroeconomics.

It's all interesting... at least in African American Politics, advanced american kind of blows, but at least it's not super difficult. I think I'm rocking a solid B right now, after 5 quizzes and one test. I got my first test back for macro and I got a 94% so I'm really excited about that.

I'm still working on my senior thesis. We'll see how that goes.

Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.