October 17, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Birthday Lime Birthday Card
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October 6, 2011

Page Markers!

I found this super cute craft idea, I think the for the first time on pinterest.com, but I could be wrong. Any-who- I decided to do it today! I didn't cut out the eyeparts like they did, but I think it turned out ok.

This first picture is from the website with the instructions:
I got the pattern and idea from nheilke.com

And these are mine! I cut out newspaper ads for the colored parts, and the Life one is William Shatner watching me read! I actually did cut out little eye circles, but then I drew the dot and I made little eyebrows too.

The best part is that now, every time I open my book, I hear Will Shatner's voice saying, "Nice progression you've been making. Look how far you've come."

October 2, 2011

9gagging. Like, a lot.

Hey Follower! Here are some funny (I think) things I created (All By Myself! Yay!) and I posted on 9gag because I *clearly* think I am hilarious. Please let me know what you think.

This one has a 9GAG watermark because I deleted the original. 

Look at him, a little smirk and everything.

So, seriously, reader, leave me some feedback. I need external validation!!!! Or just some proof that there is somebody reading this. 

October 1, 2011

Cookie Bowls. OMG.

These people posted a blog about flipping your muffin sheet upside down and making cookie bowls- Seen here.

Freaking Bowls made of Cookies!


This person tried and FAILED. I mean, hardcore. I'm going to attempt cookie bowls tomorrow. We shall see how it truly works then. Here's a funny picture of their fail!

Don't blame 9gag for your failure.


I plan on correcting their mistake. I'm even going to do it at work. You know, just for kicks.

Wish me luck!

September 23, 2011

The 3 Charmers

In February I was in a short movie called the 3 Charmers. It's about a Sad magician who lost his rabbit. Well, he disappeared his rabbit and couldn't reappear him. There is also a hypnotist and a mind reader. It's very dry and funny. Bonnie Gilbertson took some Photos while Ira and I looked over lines. 

There's a funny thing that they filmed after this that we're supposed to be looking at.

Ira and I memorize our new lines

Ira looks normal while I look awkward.

If you want to see it, just ask me and we'll plan a date!

March 2011- My Birthday Month!

March! St. Patty's Day! My Birthday! ok, that's really all that matters.

I had been sick from about my 3rd day of work until late March when I finally went to the CVS Minute Clinic and got some antibiotics. I apparently had a sinus infection and bronchitis that I'd been self treating with, you know, coffee and not sleeping very much. Getting better was the best part of my year to date.

For "my birthday" my Grandmom and my mom, Grandmom's sisters Reney and Carol, and Aunt Carol's daughter Tina all went out to Lancaster on a bus tour to see, I kid you not, Lord of the Dance. But first we went to Shady Maple Smorgasbord which was SO much fun.

This is Aunt Carol and Tina

And a really BAD picture of my mom and a decent one of Grandmom

This was my AMAZING Dessert.
However fun the Smorgasbord was, the Dessert was the best part, of the whole trip, in fact. Shoo Fly Pie, Apple dumplings, Peach Cobbler,  Oreo pudding, Ice Cream, and Apple Crisp. General Glory.

And THIS is my favorite photo ever.  Because Sharing is Caring.

There is nothing I don't like about this Photo.

Then there was my Birthday on March 21. For which I went out to dinner. And I did some stuff with my mom's side of the fam. It was pretty nice. Woah, I'm over a Quarter of a Century Old. Egad. It's really weird to think about being alive for a Quarter of a Century. 25  years is a lot of time.

On the work side of things, it's been a little hectic. I was working a TON of hours and I still lived 45 minutes away. And I was working at 6am frequently, I would wake up, get ready, and leave for work and get about halfway there before the sun came out. It was like a horror movie.

Here Bet all geared up for winter and cold and snow.

On the way to School

But we went to the Franklin Institute a few times this month, once with Brookie!

Making paper

Tiger mural on the basement floor of the Franklin Institute.
Nora and I enjoy a sit and sip of Coffee
We all pose for a shot!
Bethany is a Robot! Cool!

Nora learned to roll over! She also started on solids, March was very productive.

Bethany decided that her pink Wellies were Cowgirl boots and she was riding her horse with her cowgirl toy. She still wears those "cowgirl boots" around.

February 2011... Now We Are 3!

Let's review.
Groundhog Day- Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of Winter- He's totally right.

Bethany turns 3!! We made a Bethany Timeline and brought it to school and her they did a little birthday thing there, with cookies. Nora was less than excited.

Then they had a party with her friends at the house, here are some pictures, yay pictures!

Then Brianna-bana turned 1! A whole year has FLOWN by since she was born. It's almost hard to believe. We had a small party at Jennifer's house.

September 21, 2011

Oops, I forgot I had this "blog" thing...

I've been busy with, you know, life and stuff, but 9 months is a bit extensive. My bad. I'll change that.

January 12, 2011

Oh God The Snow

Ohmygoodnessthissnowisinsane. There's a TON of it. The roads around here are clear. Well, "clear." There's about 7 inches we got last night, and about 6.5 of it is still on the streets. But you know, compacted into an icy hell. At least it's hilly. 

Chillin got a snow day so we played in the snow! And made snow angels and a snowman but not really, (the snow was too cold for a legit snowman, this is the best I could do. [If I've done this right there should be a picture of a really sad snowman here]

And playing in the Snow!!

And our lovely snow angel.

My California family makes me realize something about Philadelphians, and well, Pennsylvanians in general. We don't turn the heat on. Ever. You're cold? Wear a sweater. This family likes it HOT. I would normally be wearing tights under my jeans in this weather and be perfectly fine (it's only 24 degrees and- I heard it's supposed to go up to 26. Toasty.) If I wore tights today I'd sweat through them in 10 minutes. In most houses I sit in I make sure I bring a sweater, but here, I make sure I have a cami on under my sweater. Yay not being from Philly! #thingsthatmakephilly

January 11, 2011

Wait, you mean that's a MORNING time?!?

Oh my Gosh. I really didn't think I would ever have to wake up this early for anything in my life. I had to be at their house at 6:15 this morning (morning!) that means I had to leave Dolly's at 5:20 and wake up at 4:15. Kill me, kill me now. It's supposed to snow tonight. Nothing says "Awesome Day!" like driving an hour in the snow. So... I'll spend the night at Natalia's or Mercy's. I just need a shower, some clean clothes, a cold beer and my Brookie. 

January 7, 2011

Adult-like and Professional

End of my first week, kind of. I mean, it's been three days. I feel all adult-like and professional. I officially have gainful employment, check that off the list… and now to move out of my mother's house. 

January 5, 2011

First Day of my New Job!

I started my new Nanny job today. My charges: Bethany and Nora. Bethany is almost 3, she goes to school for three hours each day, I will be driving her there and back then spend the afternoon with her. Nora is about 4 months old, I'll be spending most of my day with her. I'll be spending my whole day with her. I started late today because Nora had a Dr. appointment, but got to know the routine a bit and meet the chillins. Spending the night at Natalia's because I start at 6:30 tomorrow, we're going to McMenamins! Yay I'm excited to start tomorrow!