April 15, 2014

On the Anniversary of Awful

I am thankful everyday that my mom and Joe are alive and in my life. I am blessed to have not 2 but 4 parents that I love and care about me. One year ago today I came very much too close to losing my Dolly and Joe. 

Today least year about 5pm, I signed a lease to live with Jen and Brianna, and at that moment, I got a phone call from my mom letting me know they were alive and (mostly) unscathed.

To this day, it still freaks me out to see pictures and video of the bombing, and it completely rattles my brain to think that someone would do this. I know it wasn't personal, but I can not help but to think that someone woke up that morning and thought to himself, today I will do everything in my power to murder Jane's parents. Every time the news shows that video, all I can see is Joe. Every time they show the faces of the men that did this, all I can think of is how close the people I love were to that violence.
Post Marathon Pride
This picture is my mom and Joe and of course Trixie. I took this picture (at the behest of the local paper) the day after the marathon when they arrived home. There is no better representation I have or can think of to show how glad I was to see them, how glad I was that they were safe, and how proud I am of their accomplishments and determination. 

I love you. 

Dolly Dennery, Marathon Runner
And in the words of my mother: "It makes me want to say, I'm going back, I'm not gonna stop running marathons. I won't let acts of terrorism stop me from doing the things that make me feel alive" 

Hey Boston, I'll see you next week.


Amanda Arbour said...

Wow, what a powerful post! It's hard to believe it's been a year, and so glad that your mom and Joe are safe. Thanks for writing about this tragedy so well!

Lady Jane said...

Thanks Amanda! I always know that you will be reading it! Yeah, it's hard to believe but it's really been a year. Sometimes it feels like this has been a SUPER long year and other times it can't believe it's been more than 6 months since the bombing.

It's also super weird to see videos of it because Joe is so prominent in all of them, I've avoided videos and pictures of it for, well, a year I suppose. So now that it's the anniversary its just everywhere. Like living through it again.

Regardless of time, when I see that video, I just want to call my mom and have her answer.

PS. Call your mother. <3