December 6, 2009

Blanket for Brianna

So... my little cousin is having a baby. She's having a girl, and the dad is my step-brother. That's complicated, and clearly a conversation for another day. Don't worry folks, we're not moving to West Virginia yet.

I didn't want to get her a Christmas present because you don't get rewarded for stupidity, but it's not the kid's fault so I'm making her a baby blanket for her pre-first-Christmas. (She's due in February). I found this pattern for a triangle-square-ish patterned blanket. And I am changing it to have a slit halfway up the middle to fit nicely in the car seat without falling onto the ground. I'm kind of making the pattern up as I go (as I often do), so we'll see what happens!

Here is a link to the pattern on the Carron Site
Accra Tri-Colored Baby Blanket- designed by K.J.Hay

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