January 3, 2010

Yet Another for neice Brianna.

Well, I left all of my yarn in Shippensburg when I came home for the holiday... so... time for a new plan. I bought this great wool-ease yarn by Lion Brand, I've been using a lot of simply Soft lately, but I saw the wool-ease and decided to just go for it. I needed something quick to get ready for the baby shower that is fast approaching.

I got 2 skeins each of raspberry and fisherman, an off-white. My Great-Aunt Carol gave me this fab old houndstooth pattern from a book she got about 40 years ago. I had to cut the pattern in half because of the thickness of the yarn, but Oh! let me tell you. I love it. it's going quickly and it's heavy and thick and warm (good for a winter baby!) but it's still really soft. One thing I never understood is why people make baby blankets out of worsted wool, no parent in their right mind is going to let a baby's soft skin near that blanket. The only problem is that I way underestimated my yarn usage because I am about a third of the way through and already done with my first skeins. So, off to Michaels I go to get 1 more of each.

I'll put up the pattern and pictures and such when it's finished. I didn't exactly follow the pattern (well, that was predictable, right??) but I like how it's turning out. Hopefully Brianna likes it too!!

I'm thinking about Quilts for the twins Jack and Sarah (my mom and Joe's grandbabies). I found a cute pattern that will translate easily to boy's and girl's colors. I missed Christmas and their birthday (they turned two on October 22) but I don't really think it matters. It'll probably take me until their next birthday to finish them anyway!!

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