December 6, 2009

Washington DC Trip!!

Friday I was able to go down to Washington with my Political Satire class. We stayed at the fabulous Marriot Metro Center we had to write that on a card and pin it to our jackets. Well, not really, but we had to repeat that a few times as a group. Dr. D really didn't want us to forget. Maybe she shoulda just had us fill out permission slips. I can picture it: the next week, “Hey, Dr. D, did Jane ever come back from that field trip?” [She hugs her stack of permission slips and smells them like they are stack of hundreds] “Why, no. No she didn't. But she did sign this permission slip.”

That's The Capitol at the end of the street and the FBI building in street bottom left.

Anyway, we went to the Old Post Office with it's amazing views of the city (see above), got some Fab pictures and wandered around the city for a bit. Apparently there was a fancy party at the White House because we saw a huge long line of people dressed all pretty going in. We went to the Mall and saw the National Christmas Tree, did you know that they have little toy train towns set up around the tree? And there are normal-sized trees surrounding the super-huge tree representing each state. It was so pretty!!

Afterwards, we went to see the Capitol Steps (!) and met with their producer, and one of their writers, Elaine Newport, who was absolutely awesome. She answered our questions and gave us all a copy of their Obama Mia! Cd, which I already have but now I have 2! The Show was amazing, it was clever and hilarious and just great. After the show we did a group picture with them.

Then we had dinner and bed. Some of the group went out, but I just crashed. In the morning it was Off to the Metro! And home to Ship, just in time to drive through the first snow. Good times. God, I love college field trips.

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