January 27, 2008

Pilot, Season One.

Hi there everyone. Everyone= The Blogging world, not the two (maybe three) people who will ever read this.
First: a little bit about me. I'm Jane. (Hey girl hey!) I am a student of Political Science at Shippensburg University in bumblefuck PA. I live with my friend Beth and our cats, Leona and Churchill. And another girl lives here too. I have a fabulous boyfriend, who is one of the three people reading this so, Hi Huney! I like to buy purses and I make jewelry, it's not really nice stuff, but I like it. I think "blog" is a silly word. So is spatula. I attend Oxford Circle Mennonite Church when I am home and I kind of wander when I'm at school. Two years and you think I could find a church by now. I also take Tae Kwon Do, which is really fun, I like to feel tough, but in sparring I'm a total wimp.
Anyway- Enough about me (there'll be more of that to follow) This blog is really just going to be a way for me to reflect back on myself as I grow as a person, a student, and try to grow in Faith. 
The title of said blog refers to a West Wing episode, (in season four) "Evidence of Things Not Seen” in which CJ has one of my favourite lines: ”Because I've got Faith mi compadre- That's the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” And that's what I hope to be. It's the goal, the outcome. Faithful. One who is full of Faith. True, realistic, authentic.
We'll see.
Song of the moment: Tidal Waves, Matt Duke

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