June 13, 2014

A New Level of Geekdom

As of next thursday, I will have reached a new level of geekdom. Cosplay. (Amanda, cosplay is when you dress as characters from TV, movies, comic books or other fandoms) 
I'll let that sink in a moment. But Jane! You were so cool! Why?

Thanks, internet, and yes. I was cool. I still am! Even more so now! Promise. 

It all started when I met Captain Kyle. Just a random guy on the street in Center City, dressed as Captain Hammer like it was nothing. I got a picture with him and friended him on Facebook. Than we became friends. And that's kind of how it all started.
Four sweater vests!!
For a while now, people have been telling me that I should go to Cons, (Conventions) but I always thought people who did that were TOTALLY out there. Out there in a way I couldn't see myself getting excited over or wanting to be a part of. Now I realize how crazy I was to exclude something potentially very fun from my life for no reason other than the 3 year old's reaction: Ew! I don't wanna. 
A lot earlier this year, maybe even very late last year, my cousin's husband Julian talked me into going to Philadelphia's Wizard World Con this summer, actually in less than a week (EEK!!!) And becoming friends with Kyle inspired (and very strongly encouraged!) my going as a character. Because I am such a total Whovian, I wanted to go as Amy Pond every day of the four-day convention. Then I remembered there are other things I enjoy too. I decided a few weeks ago that I am going as Jayne Cobb from Firefly, and Captain Kyle is going as Mal Reynolds on Sunday of Wizard World and another friend is going as Kaylee. S we're going to be a whole little set. It's wonderful.

Where to begin?
I had NO idea where to begin. 
My step-niece turned 13 a week or so after I decided I wanted to try cosplaying and it was a Doctor Who themed party. Perfect. I can test drive this whole cos thing. But where to start? I couldn't realistically start dropping mad cash on costumes and accessories but without those, what else is there? 
Luckily, on Purim I had strongly encouraged my boyfriend to go as Matt Smith so I had access to a perfect 11th Doctor costume. He had the fez, bow tie and suspenders. I had a colored buttoned shirt and tweed jacket. I think it worked out well. I just have to get rid of the glasses, but they kind of match and I can't see anything without them. : /
What I like to call the $1300 selfie.
Seriously, The Doctor loves Birthdays!
What's Next?
Besides that West Wing reference? (Amanda got it.) I am going to try to finish this Ood mask that I am crocheting for day one of Wizard World, if I can't get it done in time I can fall back on my 11th Doctor. (Obviously. I rocked that.) I will be posting more in a day or so about how the other costumes are coming along and how panicked I am about wearing them out. I think everything will be fine. I just need to have some confidence in myself.
This is the Ood mask.
In case you just squealed at the sight and idea of making your own Ood mask, I am including the link to the free pattern by Lilana Wofsey Dohnert.
If you, on the other hand, just decided that maybe I'm a loooooot weirder than you thought and that ood thing is just odd and what is falling from its face?! You should watch Doctor Who. You're welcome in advance.


Amanda Arbour said...

This is great, Jane!! :) I actually DO know what cosplay and "cons" are thanks to some other friends who are into them...so good for you!! And I LOVE that you're going as a Firefly set...Jayne is perfect :) Have fun, post pics!

Lady Jane said...

I've posted a bunch on facebook, none here yet. I will though, don't you worry. : )
I actually even made a photo book on shutterfly of wizard world photos! It was SO much fun, I can't even begin.