July 14, 2013

Lake Owego Camp, First Weekend!!!

I just finished my first two days at Lake Owego Camp!
I came up late Friday night and I must admit, it was a bittersweet departure. I really miss Brianna-bana but I was really looking forward to camp. I tried to spend a lot of time with her the few days before I left. Like, we totally had a painting day.
The artist, hard at work
 She was doing so well, until she started painting her hand. Mostly yellow.
That's a yellow hand!
What a brat!
 But we had so much fun, and I got a beautiful painting out of it!
Just look at that face. Full of glee!

The little girl I will be Nannying for the rest of the summer gets to Camp tonight so I will meet her tomorrow morning. Her name is Olive and I think she's 2. I only spoke to Johnny and Rachel (Emma's parents) when I got hired so I had/have no idea what working for Jake will be like. He's Olive's dad. SO when I met him I had him show me pictures of her and she is SUPER freaking adorable. Also, the name Olive is flippin adorable.

So what have I been doing these past two days?
I have been watching a little boy, Noah AKA Baby Bundy. He's all of 2 and has two older brothers that both go to Owego so he was basically the most popular kid at camp. Everywhere we went was "Baby Bundy!" this and "Baby Bundy!" that. "BABY BUNDY!" was a phrase I did not stop hearing.
The infamous Baby Bundy
I can't wait for tomorrow when I get to meet Olive!!
Emma is already excited. I asked her if Olive was her friend and she very matter-of-factly told me that "She is my best friend and when Olive gets here we will be best friends and play together every day." Duh, Nanny.
Post-work days: Last night I went out for Ice Cream with some of the Pine counselors. It was so much fun just seeing everyone and hanging out.
Also excited for tonight! I'm going to be hanging out with some old friends that I never see. Someone spoke of going to Lake Wallenpaupack and I'm totally up for it!

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