October 22, 2010

I know it's been a while, dear dedicated readers- yes, both of you. I am SUPER busy- tomorrow, I'm watching Brianna, Jenn and I are cleaning the house, I'm having Brooke over, my mom is hosting a wine-tasting, then my friend's twins' birthday party the next day. Oh, and I still have to go through and (oh-my-gosh edit) the 322 photos I took of the girls today. (the girls are my friend's twins. they are turning one tomorrow.) Same day that my niece and nephew turn 3. Their party is on Sunday.
So I just watched the Phillies win game 5 of the National League Championship Series (!) Tomorrow our Boys have a travel day, then Saturday (my) afternoon they play the Giants again; if they win that, they play another game and THEN if they win they go to the WORLD SERIES!! Ahh!! I'm SO excited. but if they lose either game, that's it and the Giants move on. *cough-fuckyoucodyross-cough*
So I can't start at PriMerica until I can get licensed. And I cant get that until I have 125$ to pay for the course. well... I'm broke. I've been taking photos a lot, but I feel bad charging my friends when I'm not REALLY a professional photographer. But today I was Blessed by the woman my best friend Brooke lives with, she asked if I would be interested in cleaning their house for 130$ !! I was like... uh, ok God, I get it, I'll do this. So I'm going to be cleaning the Sider's house and then getting licensed for financial planning with this place. Hopefully, prayerfully, I will find an (at least!) part time Nanny gig in there somewhere as well.
So, basically, things are picking up. Especially church-wise. I do a lot of church stuff now. I went to and think I will continue to go to Monday morning women's bible study, and I go to growth group (it's just a small group through the church) on Wednesday nights, and church itself is from 10-12 on Sundays.
I need to really start working on my thesis so I can actually get a college degree. It's just absolutely killing me. when I think about it, I just get so stressed out that I cry. literally. I get heart palpitations, I can't breathe, and it feels like I'm literally having a heart attack. ... it's bad. I'm hoping spending time with all of these people that are generally my age, (that go to the church; no one at PriMerica is near my age) that have graduated and have almost all done post-graduate work, will propel me into working on my thesis.

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Amanda said...

Hey, glad you're back in the blogging sphere! it's good to hear about some of the things going on in your life :) we need to hang out next time I'm in Philly - it's been too long!!! love you!