August 29, 2010

Emma and Jackson

So here is a story about Emma and Jackson...

First, Emma. She is going to be three in January and she is being raised bilingual, Slovak and English. Bilingual children speak later, but when they do, they know two languages so let's not judge. Jackson will be three in October, but he's a little behind in speech. Sweet kid though, really. 
So one day we left Woody and Cameron's house, the entrance of which which is behind Lori's house. Lori is a very tiny woman. She is, really, she's maybe 5'1" and 100 lbs. her dog, Bodey is a Burmese Mountain Dog. He's bigger than me, and very well behaved, cute, fun and all of the kids love him.
Woddy and Cameron had their kids, I was holding Emma and Jackson's hands. Emma points at Lori's and says, "Bo-dey ! Bo-dey!" "Yes, Emma, Bodey lives there." Then I ask, "Emma, is Bodey a dog, or a cat?" Emma says: "Cat." clearly repeating what I said, but very factual, as if what she said was some sort of explanation. Perf.
So I turn to Jackson. Maybe I'll have better luck with the one that's a little older and, you know, only speaks one language. "Jackson, what is Bodey?" He says, "Jackson." in the same matter-of-fact way that Emma replied. 
I love these kids.

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