February 28, 2010

Farewell, February.

It's been an eventful month, let's review, shall we?

2nd: I didn't get to make it to Punxsutawney this year but I watched it on the news, and darn if that Phil wasn't dead on with his prediction of six more weeks of winter. I made up for my absence in Punxsey by watching Groundhog Day three times, and once with commentary. (Punxsa-SHIPPENSBURG!)

11th: Thought Jenn was gonna have the baby today, Brianna didn't feel like it. WAY too cold I guess. This was my Aunt Nancy's birthday. She would have been 44.

14th: My Mommy's birthday!! She turned [deleted due to paradoxical age gap]. Also, Valentine's Day! I normally dislike V Day, but I saw the monologues and renewed my Feminist flame.


19th: Went mall-walking with Grandparents, mom, and Jenn to try and walk the baby out. Found out more about my grandparent's sex life than I ever, EVER needed to know.

23rd: Jennifer Finally had the baby!! 5 days late, but she's here now! The 23rd was actually Aunt Nancy's due date, she was early, but her granddaughter was late to the party.

28th: Brandon starts his week stay on our couch. he didn't bring a change of clothes, pajamas, a toothbrush, pillow, or anything actually. This should be interesting.

Well, there you have it. Goodbye February, it was fun while it lasted. We got record snowfall for the month, I watched a record amount of West Wing, and I got me a niece. Can not wait for Spring!!! Vernal Equinox, bring it on!

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