May 31, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!!

I went to Las Vegas last weekend with the boy because he was the best man in a friend's wedding. That's right folks, a Vegas wedding. It was awesome.
First thing's first. In our hotel, there was a wine shot bar. And where we went for dinner had a pool of fire. Just fire, in a pool of water.
Pay as you go wine shot bar
Holy Shit! Water on Fire!
They got married at a very sweet little chapel, it was a short ceremony and they wrote their own vows. They both wrote their own, very nerdy, vows.
Some requisite wedding shots:

Then we went to the Valley of Fire for photos after. Oh. My. God. The Valley of Fire is amazing!!! It's so beautiful, I couldn't get over it.
First, they have killer bees. True story. So that's the first thing we see when we get there. Beware of Killer bees.
Africanized Honey Bee warning. Gee, thanks.
Totally worth it for this view:

That's Phil.

 Several of us decided that we needed to climb the rocks. Dunno if it's allowed, but we went for it.

Falling to my doooooooom!

And for the record, these were my perfectly-appropriate rock climbing shoes. 
Seems legit.

So that was it, my glorious trip to Las Vegas. At least we didn't end up on a Soviet Submarine. (FYI, that's a Doctor Who reference. Watch it. You're welcome.)

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