March 21, 2008

The Equinox Is Usually Good to Me

This past week: Sunday I picked boyfriend up from the airport and saw him for the first time in almost two weeks, spring break ended, but hell, it's SPRING! St. Patrick's Day was Monday and I had some friends over, I got to talk to Dr. B (happy face), nothing has changed with Rebecca, but I don't think that anything can salvage that at this point, and I've stopped caring. Tuesday Dulé Hill(!) and Zachary Quinto came to Ship for an amazing Obama rally. I got to meet Dulé Hill (Charlie!) and Zach Quinto (Syler!) and had Dulé sign some pictures and it was absolutely one of the greatest moments ever. I joined the Ship College Democrats club and talked to the chair of the Political Science department about the issues I've had switching majors. We worked it out and solved the problem (!) another Yay! . I've been helping to register students to vote, I've gotten about 20 total new voters and changing party/address. So that was really cool. I got Skype and a cool camera/microphone thingey for the Lappy to use with it (fun new toy to explore!). Today was a great ep of my favorite show, and this morning's episode (2am boo) is Hollywood A.D. which is one of my absolute favorite eps ever! Also, today's my birthday AND Good Friday, and yesterday was Free Rita's Day. I get to go home tomorrow with boyfriend for birthday/Easter celebrations. So WOW. I'm really excited.

Well, I have been really busy and today's my birthday so I'm just going to post some photos that remind me of spring. Let me know what you think Amanda. (I say Amanda because I'm fairly sure that you're the only one who reads this) : )

This one always makes me think of hope. And the lyrics of a Matt Duke song about inner city violence: "One small bird flew away from this earth, with wings pushing so hard, hard but looking down on that once fragile ground, she's happy to be in the sky" I don't know why, but it just makes me think of that.

Like the first crisp days of spring: colorful, bright and full of excitement and anticipation for the months to come.

I thought that this one was pretty and suited my mood for the week.

I love this. I just love that face.


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Amanda said...

Jane!!! I was so happy to read this post - it's on a MUCH happier note than when I last heard from you. I'm glad things are going well :) I want to hear more about meeting Dule Hill - when we talk on Skype you have to give me the play-by-play! That is so awesome that you're getting involved in the Dems club and registering voters - good for you! Although I don't know how you have time if you're still as busy with classes as you were before... And YAY for Free Rita's Day and Spring - wish we had those over here :) It's been snowing! How did Easter festivities with B go? Perhaps another topic of conversation for our Skype talk...

I love the pics you put up!
The first one does seem very hopeful - and I like those song lyrics. It's pretty similar to one of your bumper stickers isn't it?
The second one makes me think of kids - the tire swing and piles of leaves seem to be inviting children to come play and laugh and enjoy the day. I miss the OCMC kids...
The third one seems to be a good symbol for our lives right now - a road leading over a hill and we can't see where it leads.
The last one is just priceless - that face!!! It reminds me of Aquillah and her hilarious facial expressions :)
I'm glad you had a good birthday and I can't wait to hear all about it!